Welcome To The Trans Iowa Masters Program Report Site!

TIMP map courtesy of Scott Sumpter
TIMP map courtesy of Scott Sumpter/Bike Iowa

Purpose: The Trans Iowa Masters Program is a challenge that was created by Guitar Ted to satisfy “that itch” some riders had expressed they had to do a cross-state Trans Iowa.  Borrowing heavily from a similar challenge set up in Canada called Operacion Muerto“, the TIMP was designed to mimic a “masters program” theme in which riders had to do their research, “field work”, (the ride), and a written report with images, (the “masters thesis”), and those reports are recorded here for all to enjoy.

The Reports: The reports are written by each individual rider and there is no editing after they are submitted. The images also are provided by each individual rider for their report. Stories and images published here are the property of Guitar Ted Productions and the words and images published here may not be reproduced, (in part or in whole),  or republished without previous consent.

To read each riders report, see the list of pages for this site under the header above and click on each individual riders name. This will take you to their report.

Thank You: Guitar Ted would like to thank the following people and entities for making all of this possible. In no particular order: All of the Riders that took up this challenge and completed the reports, Jeff Kerkove, David Pals, Richard “Deke” Gosen, Iowa Department of Transportation, Dave & Linda Kerkove, The Trans Iowa Riders (V1 thru V10), Jeremy Fry, Wally Kilburg, George Keslin, Jason Boucher, Phyllis, Izabel, and Jacob Stevenson, All the past and present Trans Iowa Volunteers, All the people who have helped to  document  Trans Iowa since 2005, Google, and WordPress.

Thanks for checking out these amazing adventures!